Ohio Valley Gathering

A Traditional Music Festival


  Gather in the main hall for the Friday night concert, with many individuals, groups, and clubs participating.

 After the concert, there is jamming through the building, which is a long standing tradition and goes on late into the night.

 Go to the hospitality room and make some new friends, and fellowship with those long distance friends. 

 There is also an "Under 21" group all weekend, for the beginners and the up and coming kids! It's their ownspace to jam, hang out, and try out new music.

 Saturday starts with classes, shopping, jams, and fellowship through the building, with the Fiddle Walk (bring your tiara, feather boas, beads, gloves, the works!).Get a quick bite to eat, find a great spot, and enjoy the Saturday concert finale. You will be amazed and impressed not only at the folks next to you who just got off stage, but hopefully you will be joining in this tradition!

 Sunday morning gospel sing is a long standing tradition for us to gather and sing one last time before we head out to home again.

 40 plus vendors will be selling handmade music instruments and related items all weekend. Be sure to talk to the builders, listen to the sounds, try out, and buy new instruments, and ask for help from the luthiers with any dulcimers (or other instruments!) that need a doctor