Workshop Schedule Ohio Valley Gathering 
Brought to you by these great volunteers.  Make sure you show your appreciation to them.
Royal Ballroom Dickens Wordsworth Shakespeare Chaucer Byron Elliott York
8:30 to  Sarah Morgan   Mary Jo Ward Linda Sigismondi Tish Westman Rick Thum Chris Cole Scott Conner Mike Clemmer
9:30 MD   Autoharp   Native Amer flute Bowed Psaltery HD   HD   MD   Banjammer
9:45 to Sarah Morgan Mary Jo Ward Beckie Henry Gary Gallier Eric Jarboe Tish Westman Maureen Sellers Larry Wayt
10:45 MD   Autoharp   Flute Circle MD   HD   Banjo   MD   Jamming  
11: 00 to Dave Haas Heidi Hess Nancy Barker Linda Sigismondi Rick Thum Brett Ridgeway Ron Ewing Jan Potts  
12:00 MD   Fiddle   MD   MD   HD   Banjo   MD   MD Int  
LUNCH BREAK   12:00 to 1:30  Enjoy a break, visit the vendors, play some tunes!
1:30 to Sarah Morgan Elaine Caldwell Jim Wendel Mary Lou Dempler Phyllis Brown Heidi Hess Brett Ridgeway Scott Conner
2:30 MD   Autoharp   Harmonica Uke   HD   Banjo   Flatpick MD Make and Take
2:45 to Dave Haas Ken Ellis   Joe Pack   Brett Ridgeway Rick Thum Eric Jarboe Tish Westman Nancy Barker
3:45 MD   Autoharp   Guitar   Uke   HD   Bass   Autoharp/Uke MD  
4:00 to  Dave Haas Betty Hansel Lori Austin Linda Sigismondi Phyllis Brown Eric Jarboe     Larry Wayt
5:00 MD   Bones   Whistle   MD   HD   Bass       Singng  
Would like to thank everyone who has generously offered their time and talents to make this event a success.  You all are the best!
  Our Vendors--Alan Darveaux, Alan Brittingham, Amy Parrott, Dave Haas, Richard Ash, Gary Gallier, Jack Ferguson, Ken Ellis, Linda Sigismondi, Marge Diamond,
Mary Lou Dempler, Mike Clemmer, Nancy Barker, Patrick Sullivan, Rick Huffman, Ron Ewing, Scott Conner, Tish Westman, Rick Thum, Sarah Morgan, 
Brett Ridgeway, and Jill Weimer.
Festival Staff--Registration  Gary and Susan Waits, Friends of OVG  Robin Gilbert, Vendors Norma Olivencia, Sound and Stage Mike Clemmer, Emcee Dan Hamilton,
Festival Chair Martha Richard, Artwork and t shirts Dave and Tina Donner, Hospitality Eric and Kathy Donnan, Hymn Sing Dave Haas, Treasurer Kathy Fatheree
Volunteers  Glenda Hubbard, Susan Hart