Ohio Valley Gathering
a Traditional Music Festival 

Sponsored by Ohio Valley Gathering Inc.

The Ohio Valley Gathering is supported by  Friends of the Ohio Valley Gathering

For your contribution of $25, you will become a member of Friends of the Ohio Valley Gathering to help keep it going for many years to come. Benefits as a member are an annual collector pin, discount on festival shirts, and admission to the next year Ohio Valley Gathering. 

Enrollment begins at OVG 2018!

New enrollment or renewal memberships for the new year ( 2018) will begin during the OVG weekend.  At that time you can visit the Friends of the Ohio Valley Gathering table, pay the 2018 dues and receive the new 2017 pin.  We will also have lanyards available to purchase so you can display your new pin along with your pins of the past years. 

Membership dues of $25 are paid at OVG each year, which entitles you to free entry to the next year's gathering, along with a keepsake pin. You will also receive emails with bio's and music. There will also be other perks and benefits. 

Your generosity will make sure this festival continues to happen. 

If you would like to join our dulcimer family and support the Ohio Valley Gathering after the Gathering. Please  mail a check  for $25(made out to Ohio Valley Gathering) to Tucker Thomas.  1529 Goddard Avenue. Louisville Ky. 40204  Please provide your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Enrollment begins at the Gathering, and ends in the next January 31st. Membership runs from the current Gathering until the next year Gathering.

(Basically, you are paying ahead for the next year festival registration)

The music we distribute through the e-mail list is intended as a special perk only for current OVG Friend members.  We do not have permission from the artists to distribute it beyond our Friends group.  PLEASE honor their generous gifts to our group and do not mass distribute it to other e-mail lists, clubs or music acquaintances who are not members of the Friends of the OVG group, so we can continue this benefit.